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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Campaign of The Titans?

All your favorite Infusionsoft experts and marketing titans together in one immense publication. The Campaign Of The Titans Vol. 1 was a huge success. However, we wanted to take it to the next level… that’s why we’ve collaborated with 16 Contributors. Included 17 proven marketing campaigns. And created over 300 pages of exclusive content!

Which means, you get:
  • More than twice as many contributors.
  • PROVEN campaigns for webinars, SMS marketing, membership sites, split testing, video tracking, one-click upsells and more using PlusThis features.
  • A whole new look and feel of the walkthroughs
  • Your choice of a varied selection of campaigns.
  • Video triggers, smart links, one-click upsells, countdown timers, evergreen expiring offers, automated webinars and more!

Can't I Read This Digitally?

You can, but being honest, how many resources do you download only to lose in the clutter of your hard drive?

This is the blueprint to SEVENTEEN seven-figure campaigns – it should be on your desk, within arms’ reach at all times.
You don’t need to be sitting at in your office, fumbling around in Infusionsoft trying to figure out the best way to build your campaigns – you should have the marketing titan playbook right there, with the step-by-step solution to implementing some of the most successful campaigns in the world a page-turn away.

What Can PlusThis Do For Me?

  • Pull off clever marketing tactics from the top internet marketers
  • Get more conversions with simple tools that let you create expiring offers, Add a countdown timer and Trigger automation
  • Automate the tedious parts of your business

How Long Will It Take To Get Access To This Guide?

As soon as you click the button below and complete your order… we’ll send your Playbook out immediately. Please allow 3 – 5 days for the postal service.

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